As much as we want to deny it, times have really changed. Today’s kids have more access to the various forms of media that are thrown their way from every direction. From music, movies, to video games, kids have a lot to listen to.

Some of the major accessories that help them enjoy listening to all these materials are headphones. And since most of the time the kids have these headphones on, it’s vital to identify ones that offer the best quality and comfort.

When it comes to buying headphones for kids, parents must consider numerous factors. This is especially due to the long hours that our kids spend on their gadgets listening to media or playing games.

So, to cut to the chase, let’s see some of the most crucial factors you should consider:


One essential thing that parents should check when buying headphones for their kids is comfort. Since kids are spending considerable amounts of time on their headphones, we should ensure that these accessories do not compromise their health.

Right from the sound quality to the soft ear pads, kids’ headphones should offer unmatched comfort for the small developing ears.

Some headphone brands in the market are not comfortable at all and wouldn’t be ideal for your kids to wear. This is especially important if your kids wear them for long periods of time. And, although comfort may cost you a little more, it is worth it when you consider your kid’s health.


This is a must-have feature on any headphones for kids. The volume limiter feature helps to ensure that kids do not damage their ears with high volumes.

The best kids’ headphones should, therefore, have a maximum limit for the volume your kids can listen to their media with. Mostly, the limit should not be more than 80 decibels.

Any headphones whose volume can go beyond 85 decibels, is not ideal for kids as it can easily cause hearing problems.

The way that these volume limiter works is quite simple. It can either be through a mechanism incorporated in the headphones or through a software package associated with the accessories. Either way, it gives the parent the ability to set the maximum volume produced by the headphones.


Sometimes, the kids are listening to their favorite music on a subway or watching a video on their way home. This means that they will encounter lots of noise which might affect the clarity of the audio.

For this reason, headphones with noise cancellation features are the best. These will help in eliminating background noises, making it easier for the wearer to hear whatever they are listening to clearly. 


An ideal headphone for kids should fit them perfectly. Usually, most children’s headphones should have an average width of 13 cm and a height of 16 cm. With these dimensions, the headphones will most likely fit perfectly.

Therefore, make sure you keep the size aspect in mind, whenever you want to make a purchase. And, unless you are buying online, it’s wise to let the child try them on first before you buy them. This way, you can be sure that they fit well.


Another aspect of the ideal kids’ headphones that many parents tend to ignore is the design. To the parents, this may not seem to be a big issue. However, for the kids, this might be the major reason the kid wants the headphones in the first place.

Design is what will make a kid prefer one headphone type to another. They might like it even better if it incorporates their all-time favorite cartoon characters.

So, don’t buy just any design. Give the child a chance to select the one that they feel more comfortable in. For instance, while adults may not mind much about the princess designs, a little girl would definitely do.


Kids prefer bright, colorful designs. Also, you must be aware that girls will prefer a different color to those which boys would fancy. While boys may go for blue and grey, girls predominantly prefer pink and red ones.

And, although this might not be the determining factor when making a purchase, you should always have it in mind. This will ensure you buy a set of headphones that your kids love wearing.


Since no parent wants to be buying new headphones every other day, durability must be a feature to consider. Many kids, especially teenagers, go through headphones as they do with socks. This is because they damage the headphones quite regularly and need to buy new ones.

When it comes to headphones, the major problem is the cords getting frayed. Therefore, when choosing headphones for your kids, you might want to consider wireless ones or ones with super sturdy cords. You can also check an interesting article on the best wireless headphones on the market.

Some of the features you should look for here include:

  • A flexible headband that doesn’t easily bend or break
  • Sturdy cables as they are the ones that break first
  • An audio jack with a reinforced steel-tip

Any parent would be happy to buy headphones that will last at least one school year or even more.





Buying headphones for your kids is a practice that should be done carefully. With the increased number of kids experiencing noise-induced hearing problems, we must take charge and protect the kids.

Therefore, although it may seem like a simple task, making that purchase is a crucial decision. Take your time and go through these factors to understand what to look for.